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PDM Automotive Welcomes Romik, Revolutionizing the Running Board Market with Quality and Innovation

So far we’ve heard from our customers that the PDM data is clean and correct. This was our goal when coming on board and thanks to your software this is possible.
Hugo Baeza
Executive Director


PDM Automotive is thrilled to announce its newest customer, Romik, a leader in the running board market known for its exceptional quality, selection, and customer satisfaction. By joining forces with PDM Automotive, Romik is set to elevate its data management capabilities, streamline its connections with major retailers, and ultimately, enhance its already impressive reputation in the automotive industry.

About Romik

Since its inception, Romik has been committed to delivering the highest quality products in the running board market. With a motto of “Quality, Selection, and the Professional’s Choice,” Romik has built a strong reputation for offering innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing running board products that not only look great but last the life of a vehicle.

Quality is at the core of the Romik brand, with all products designed to meet or exceed the stringent standards set by today’s car manufacturers. Romik offers a lifetime warranty on select aluminum products and a five-year warranty on commercial products, further reinforcing its commitment to excellence.

In terms of selection, Romik boasts the largest coverage of vehicle fitments globally, continually innovating the running board market with new products that cater to various customer needs. The company’s engineering is unparalleled, earning high ratings from technicians and customers worldwide, who attest to their satisfaction with Romik’s offerings.

PDM Automotive’s Role in Romik’s Success

PDM Automotive’s robust data management solutions have enabled Romik to upload and maintain accurate, up-to-date product information, which was previously managed by a provider that lacked transparency and control. With PDM, Romik can now ensure that its data is being sent out correctly, leading to fewer errors and a more seamless ordering process for their customers.

Thanks to PDM’s platform, Romik has improved its connections with major retailers such as Summit, Walmart, CARID, and AutoAnything.

Romik’s Strongest Product Lines

Romik has traditionally excelled in the SUV product segment, and this trend continues today. However, the company has recently noticed an uptick in truck product sales, which they attribute to the improved accuracy and cleanliness of their data. This highlights the importance of reliable data management systems like PDM Automotive, which can have a direct impact on a company’s product performance.

Testimonial from Hugo Baeza, Executive Director at Romik

Hugo Baeza, the Executive Director at Romik, praised PDM Automotive’s software for helping the company achieve its goal of providing clean and accurate data to its customers. “So far we’ve heard from our customers that the PDM data is clean and correct. This was our goal when coming on board and thanks to your software this is possible,” said Baeza.


In summary, the partnership between PDM Automotive and Romik exemplifies the powerful role that accurate data management can play in elevating a company’s operations, product offerings, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging PDM’s technology,

Romik is set to continue its tradition of excellence in the running board market, while also innovating and expanding its product range in response to evolving consumer demands.

As the automotive industry continues to change and evolve, companies like Romik that prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction will remain at the forefront. With the support of PDM Automotive’s data management solutions, Romik can focus on its core mission of creating exceptional running board products that not only look great but stand the test of time.

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