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Who We Are

We open up the world of seamless multi-channel commerce to the automotive industry.

We are people who love technology and the automotive industry. We understand that companies within our space don’t always have the time, staff, and know-how to stay up to speed with the market’s ever-changing needs. What overwhelms them is what drives us to make PDM simple and more compelling.

Sell more products across all sales channels

Our mission is to help our automotive customers sell more parts across all sales channels, lower returns, and improve margins by creating superior consumer experiences. Our solution reduces many challenges and operational costs related to creating, managing, and monetizing parts content. Manage catalog content, product listings, inventory, pricing, and orders across all digital channels, including the three major marketplaces; Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

auto showPDM’s founder Johannes Crepon has experienced data challenges firsthand, having launched a reseller business out of Germany in 2005. Through this experience, Johannes realized the growing challenges of compiling and utilizing the value of supplier data. Parts content was delivered from many different sources and in many disparate formats. To ease the data ingestion pain, the company made a big Webshop and ERP system investment. However, they realized that the data quality was still an issue from the onset. Data for each part still required manual updating and improvement.

After this experience, It became clear that there was a need for a new and better solution, and in 2017 PDM was born.

We aim to provide an enterprise-grade solution that enables frictionless trade. We want to build an open network that enables a seamless exchange of accurate and timely content across every facet of the automotive industry. Our goal is to help our customers turn their content into revenue.

We are proud of our unrelenting focus on quality and innovation. As our customer needs have evolved, our role in helping them to explore their full potential has never been more apparent. We have been trusted by many of the industry’s leading brands, resellers, and distributors, and we continue to earn their trust every day.

The fastest-growing network in the automotive industry

Today, PDM is the fastest-growing network in the automotive industry of parts manufacturers and resellers alike. We won’t stop until every brand benefits from PDM’s network of resellers and every reseller has the full range of products readily available at its fingertips.

Our Team Is Our Future

Johannes Crepon

Co-Founder & CEO

Philipp Crepon

Co-Founder & Technology

Bill Andrulevich


Curt McDowell

Head of Revenue

Mark Vandegrift

Head of Product

Kevin Cannan

Professional Services


Wilson Usman

Customer Advocacy

Allison Headshot-high res

Allison Davy

Head of Marketing