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We partner with industry-leading ecommerce solutions, marketplaces, and service providers to manage complex aftermarket auto parts content across all sales channels for suppliers, distributors and resellers.

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Supercharge brand performance

PDM provides perfect automotive product content every time. Your customer’s product content is accurate, consistent, and up to date, improving the customer experience and increasing sales. 

Streamline your work

Maintaining product data for multiple brands can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Partnering with PDM streamlines operations, saving you time and providing a smoother experience for your customers 

Who partners with PDM?


If your customers have to leave your platform to manage their automotive product content, you may be overlooking an opportunity to deliver a seamless experience. Partnering with PDM ensures convenience in your platform, creating loyal customers.   

Ecommerce Platforms

Maintaining accurate automotive product content is a huge pain point for many parts manufacturers, distributors and resellers. PDM’s cloud-based platform helps your customers manage and distribute product content from a single platform. 

Rep Agencies

Accurate and optimized product content is essential if you want to help your brands sell more to their customers. If you maintain product data for your brands, become a PDM partner to leverage our technology for your customers.

Service Providers

Many new brands often have significant demand for building or improving their product content quickly. Partnering with PDM accelerates product data creation and leverages the most accurate content available.

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