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How Alps Alpine Leverages Centralized Product Data to Drive Sales and Improve Dealer Relations

Pain Point 


Fragmented Product Data

PDM provided a single platform where all stakeholders, including reps and dealers, could access the most current information, reducing the need for constant back-and-forth communications.

Difficult Transition to Remote Work 

Centralizing information in a Product Information Management (PIM) system allows users from all over the country to access up-to-date information in only a few steps without relying on e-mail or spreadsheets.

Challenging Product Launches 

Launching new products with an optimized PIM allowed Alps Alpine to quickly distribute crucial information about new products to reps and dealers nationwide. 

Poor Integration with Vehicle Fitment Information

Integration with third-party platforms, specifically for dynamically displaying fitment data on the website, significantly improved the customer experience and boosted revenue. 

Labor-intensive, Manual Work 

Reduced reliance on spreadsheets and manual updates, allowing for a more streamlined, efficient, and accurate management of product catalogs.

We needed a one-stop shop accessible to our entire Rep base and dealers, so we introduced PDM. It transformed our operations. Now, instead of emailing multiple teams for product details like UPC codes, weights, and pricing, everyone simply checks PDM. This shift has saved time and streamlined our processes, as our reps and dealers have all the information at their fingertips.
Allison Saunders
Marketing Supervisor, Alps Alpine

When you have a small but mighty team of marketing experts, you need the best technology to remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace. 

PDM Automotive recently sat down with Allison Saunders, Marketing Supervisor for Alps Alpine, to understand how PDM positively impacted the operational efficiency of this iconic brand.

Alps Alpine is best known in America for its Alpine brand of car stereo equipment, which is well regarded in the automotive aftermarket community as providing the pinnacle of sound and design. Working through its network of over 500 dealers, including prominent eCommerce stores like Crutchfield, Alpine products compete in a highly competitive and dynamic market where technology and innovation are crucial for long-term success. 

As the world moved into lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic, Alps Alpine quickly realized that the decentralization of staffing and an outdated method of maintaining product data was causing significant operational challenges.


Fragmented Product Data Causes Major Operational Challenges

Global challenges often reveal vulnerabilities in an organization’s processes, apparent after Alps Alpine’s shift to remote work highlighted the inefficiencies in existing product data management practices.

Instead of maintaining one single source of truth, Alps Alpine used a combination of cloud-based technologies and piecemeal digital communication methods to move information internally and out to their field representatives. Since field representatives serviced their network of dealers, this information was often crucial to driving revenue and establishing a high level of customer service. 

“Before implementing PDM, product data was all in different places, and it was extremely time-consuming, stressful, and difficult to find the right point of contact or to find the right information.” Allison Saunders, Marketing Supervisor, Alps Alpine. 

Sales reps had to navigate multiple documents and platforms to find specific information such as UPCs, pricing, product specifications, and owner’s manuals. This consumed significant time and increased the potential for errors and oversights, as the most current information might not be readily accessible or overlooked entirely. The simple act of answering dealer inquiries or updating product listings was unnecessarily complicated, requiring extensive cross-referencing and verification across various sources to ensure accuracy.

In the dynamic field of aftermarket automotive products, quickly updating and communicating product information to dealers and customers is critical. A lack of a centralized PIM system made it difficult for Alps Alpine to respond swiftly to market changes or to update product details in real-time, thereby hampering their agility and competitive edge. This effect was exacerbated when new products were introduced to the marketplace. 

Allison and her team spent considerable time addressing product data questions, which diverted their focus on creating meaningful, powerful messaging that the field representatives could use to better position Alps Alpine products. 


PDM Changes The Game 

“Moving to PDM Automotive has freed up my time to focus on data quality, ensuring it’s rich, detailed, and effective. If it’s done right, I receive fewer inquiries from dealers or reps since product information is readily available to them.” Allison Saunders, Marketing Communications Specialist, Alps Alpine

PDM Automotive revolutionized how Alps Alpine manages and disseminates product information, transforming complex challenges into streamlined processes through centralized data management. This strategic shift towards a unified, intuitive Product Information Management (PIM) platform has unleashed a suite of compelling advantages that will propel Alps Alpine into the future with confidence. 

Unified Source of Truth

PDM Automotive has empowered Alps Alpine with unparalleled access and control by consolidating all critical product data into one centralized repository. 

Stakeholders across the spectrum—from internal marketing teams to an extensive network of dealers—now benefit from instant access to accurate, up-to-date product information. This pivotal change has minimized the time and effort previously wasted in data retrieval and significantly streamlined decision-making processes.

Operational Excellence and Strategic Focus

Aggregating product data into a single platform has dramatically elevated operational efficiency. 

Freed from the time-consuming tasks of data mining across fragmented systems, the Alps Alpine team can now allocate its resources towards strategic initiatives, driving innovation and capturing new market opportunities. This shift towards higher-value activities is critical in enhancing competitiveness and accelerating business growth.

Reliability and Trust 

Product information accuracy and consistency are paramount in the fast-paced automotive aftermarket sector. 

PDM Automotive’s centralized PIM mitigates the risk of discrepancies, ensuring that every stakeholder, from dealer to end customer, receives the same reliable data. This consistency is instrumental in fostering trust, reinforcing Alps Alpine’s reputation for reliability, and solidifying long-term relationships. 

Collaborative Synergy

PDM facilitates a dynamic environment where communication and collaboration flourish. 

PDM enhances alignment and synergy among internal teams and external partners by providing a common ground for data access and contribution. This collaborative framework is essential for nurturing innovation, responding to market demands, and ensuring cohesive brand messaging.

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