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DBA Drives Growth and Efficiency with PDM Automotive

Pain Point 


Fragmented Product Data

PDM provided a single platform where all stakeholders, including reps and dealers, could access the most current information, reducing the need for constant back-and-forth communications.

Difficult Transition to Remote Work 

Centralizing information in a Product Information Management (PIM) system allows users from all over the country to access up-to-date information in only a few steps without relying on e-mail or spreadsheets.

Challenging Product Launches 

Launching new products with an optimized PIM allowed Alps Alpine to quickly distribute crucial information about new products to reps and dealers nationwide. 

Poor Integration with Vehicle Fitment Information

Integration with third-party platforms, specifically for dynamically displaying fitment data on the website, significantly improved the customer experience and boosted revenue. 

Labor-intensive, Manual Work 

Reduced reliance on spreadsheets and manual updates, allowing for a more streamlined, efficient, and accurate management of product catalogs.

"Before PDM, we only thought our data was good. After PDM, it is actually good. The platform not only helped us improve data accuracy but also saved us countless hours of manual work. It’s a game-changer for our US market strategy.
Mathew Roskey
U.S. Sales Manager, DBA


DBA, a renowned brake rotor manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, has been a pioneer in delivering high-performance brake systems. Starting as a family operation in Australia, DBA expanded its footprint to the US market, gaining significant market traction in recent years. This year, DBA leveraged PDM Automotive’s PIM system to streamline its data management processes, resulting in substantial operational improvements and market growth. PDM Automotive recently sat down with Mathew Roskey, U.S. Sales Manager, to learn more about DBA’s journey with PDM.



Before signing up with PDM, DBA faced several challenges:

Data accuracy and consistency: Managing a large volume of product data across various platforms was cumbersome and prone to errors.

Operational inefficiency: The manual processes involved in data management were time-consuming and inefficient.

Market expansion: Entering the US market required a robust system to handle data distribution to major retailers and meet their stringent requirements.

Internal alignment: Demonstrating to the executive team the value of investing in PDM’s PIM system with comprehensive features that both met all of DBA’s needs and could scale with their growth, despite other PIM options that initially presented as less expensive.


Mathew discovered PDM Automotive at an industry show, where he heard through the grapevine about PDM’s comprehensive data capabilities and dedicated customer service. After thorough consideration and hearing about the successful growth of peers like X Clutch, DBA decided to onboard with PDM.


The implementation process, although initially daunting, was made smoother by PDM’s exceptional customer support and user-friendly interface. Key steps included:

Data cleanup and integration: Cleaning up and adding DBA’s product data into the PDM system.

Error identification: PDM’s dashboard feature highlighted areas where DBA’s data needed improvement, which Mathew describes as “both humbling and enlightening”. This feature makes it easy to quickly identify, analyze, and fix any data issues.

Continuous support: PDM provided extensive support, including customized instructional videos, ensuring DBA’s team could efficiently navigate the new system.


"The onboarding experience with PDM was fantastic. The customer support team was there every step of the way, providing us with videos and personalized assistance. Their help made the transition smooth and ensured we could fully leverage the system’s capabilities."


The benefits of using PDM were immediate and impactful:

Improved data quality: Within one month, DBA’s data quality reached the high standards required by major retailers, significantly faster than the four+ months it would have taken without PDM.

Operational efficiency: The streamlined processes reduced the workload on DBA’s team, allowing them time to focus on more strategic tasks.

Market penetration: DBA quickly and successfully onboarded a major retailer, thanks to the ease of data distribution facilitated by PDM.

Scalability: With robust data management, DBA is well-positioned to expand further, reaching new customers and markets.


"The dashboard was a humbling experience. It showed us exactly where we needed improvement, but also guided us through making our data truly robust and reliable. The time savings and efficiency gains were incredible."


PDM Automotive’s PIM system has proven to be an invaluable asset for DBA, transforming their data management processes and enabling significant growth in the competitive US market. With accurate data, operational efficiency, and exceptional support, DBA is now poised to continue its legacy of innovation and excellence in the US aftermarket.