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Join PDM Automotive, a fast-growing venture-backed company, and contribute to the revolution of the automotive aftermarket parts industry. PDM is the award-winning platform behind a growing network of automotive companies. PDM’s technology and catalog assure data integrity from parts manufacturers to the companies which sell automotive products to the consumer by guaranteeing a seamless flow of data and its availability in real-time, including meaningful analytics. We are headquartered in Seattle, WA. However, our team is spread across the USA and the world and we are looking for the best people to join.​​

Hi, my name is Johannes, co-founder of PDM Automotive. I am excited to have you consider PDM as your next career step!

I started PDM in 2017 together with my brother and our CTO, Philipp. We bootstrapped until 2020 and are now backed by out of Seattle.

My entrepreneurial journey has always been in the automotive industry. I started my first company in 2005, Velocity Automotive, which is now the leading supplier in Europe for parts for American Muscle Cars, and led me to start PDM. The bottleneck in growth for Velocity has always been the availability of data and technology. While solving this constraint supports Velocity, I realized the opportunity ahead of me: Provide a solution to an entire industry that connects business partners, streamlines data flow, and provides exceptional data quality, paired with innovative technology. An industry with annual revenue of over $450 Billion in the USA.

PDM has since its starting won various awards, partnered with the leading industry associations, and we are proud to provide data to the largest retailers and marketplaces in the industry. We have built the foundation to disrupt an industry that is desperate for a change! Join PDM, our great team, and myself on this journey.

Industry Relations
I am a gear head. As a former drag racer, a veteran in the performance parts industry, and a passionate industry supporter, I immediately jumped on board with PDM to revolutionize my industry for the better.
Once my passion for software development met the opportunity that PDM is presenting, I was on fire. It checks all my boxes: Billions of data points, complex relations with ever-changing content, machine learning supported data improvement, and the need for a high-performing search.
As the chairman of Auto Care's ACPN Committee and member of the Auto Care Technology Standards Committee, I need an organization that supports my contributions to the evolution of the Automotive Aftermarket – PDM is that organization. Together we can empower our industry to do great things!
Front End Dev.
I have been with PDM from day one and am proud to have contributed to the front end of a platform that supports an industry with over 500,000 businesses. It is exciting to see the pace at which we release new features, functionality and constantly deliver value to our user base.

4.7 million people are employed by the automotive aftermarket industry

Source: Auto Care Association

There are approximately 282 million light vehicles in operation in the United States today

Source: Specialty Equipment Market Association

The global automotive aftermarket size is projected to reach US$ 513.1 billion by 2027

Source: Precedence Research

Data Analyst

B2B SaaS Data Platform

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Remote Job: Yes

Director of Customer Success

B2B SaaS Data Platform

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Content and Social Media Specialist

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Senior SRE/DevOps Engineer

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Senior Operations Manager/Senior DevOps Manager

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Software Development Engineer (All Levels)

B2B SaaS Data Platform

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You will join a rapidly growing company in its early days with accelerated career advancement. Your most significant benefit is the ability to make a change and have your contribution be impactful. Join us on this journey!


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