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Senior SRE/DevOps Engineer

B2B SaaS data platform

PDM is becoming the most trusted source of information for an entire industry concerning product data, inventory information, pricing, and market stats. Thousands of sources are getting reconciled, continuously updated, and made available in flexible formats, curated to the individual information consumer. The necessity for a seamless flow of billions of data points, which are all related to another, and need to be available to search in real-time, presents technical challenges you will be tackling.

You will be joining as a key role in a young, highly recognized SaaS startup. After two rounds of funding, backing by a Seattle VC, and exponential demand, we are looking to expand our team with an experienced Senior SRE/DevOps Engineer. You will lead specific initiatives to implement processes and systems that improve the development and operational capabilities of the company. You will be a champion of DevOps best practices, and will act as the lead SRE for the organization. You will report to our Senior Operations Leader.

You’re excited about this opportunity because you will…

  • technically lead the organization in implementing and supporting modern operations and DevOps processes and systems.
  • champion DevOps and SRE processes and procedures company-wide.
  • establish and mature the operational roadmap for the product and company.
  • lead the implementation of a state-of-the-art operations and DevOps process and procedure.
  • lead operational modernization and transformation initiatives as the company grows and matures.
  • be a technical leader and mentor for multiple engineers.

We’re excited about you because you…

  • 10 years experience in operations of modern web applications and SaaS applications, including using DevOps processes and procedures.
  • have experience building and operating cloud-native infrastructures on AWS.
  • have leadership experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and dynamic/scalable application operation.
  • have the ability to collaborate and communicate across teams.
  • have the proven ability to develop state of the art processes and systems.
  • have experience with modern application development and operations technologies, such as: services/microservices, containers/Docker, Kubernetes, SQL and NoSQL databases, CI/CD, Application Analytics, Infrastructure Analytics.

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