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Validation for Prop 65 Information in PIES

Businesses should refer to official California Proposition 65 sites (e.g. and sources for information and updates regarding this regulation. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to be the source for this information by conducting their own research and due diligence to determine whether their products fall under Prop 65 regulations. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to inform Receivers and provide data for Prop 65 labeling and online display. If a Supplier determines their products do not require any Prop 65 labeling or information, the Supplier should advise their Receivers accordingly.

Suppliers should take the following actions:

  • Send an image of the product label as a Prop 65 image (use PIES asset segment)
  • Send the text Prop 65 warning as an attribute (use PIES attribute segment)

Your PDM account validates your product data to comply with the Auto Care recommendation and supports you to comply with Prop 65 requirements. Providing an attribute and the proper Image becomes an easy task in your PDM account.

Ensure Auto Care compliance and meet Prop 65 requirements effortlessly with your PDM account. Simplify adding attributes and images for your products seamlessly.

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