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The Automotive Aftermarket’s Right to Repair Movement is Gaining Momentum in 2021

Fourteen new states are now slated to introduce the Right to Repair Act.  If you have spent time researching the automotive industry’s Right to Repair you will likely find countless articles showing that this is a movement that is rapidly gaining traction.  During the 2020 AAPEX show, Bill Hanvey, President and CEO of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), had the honor of announcing that the 2020 Massachusetts Right to Repair bill was passed, requiring caring makers to provide independent mechanics access to the same diagnostic tools used in dealerships.  According to, since the MA announcement, according to consumer rights organizations like U.S. PIRG, state “that fourteen states are in the process of introduction and debating new right to repair laws including, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont and Washington.”

To learn more about the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act click here.  The Right to Repair Act “was the Auto Care Association’s principal policy objective for many years.”  According to the Auto Care Association, “the Right to Repair now guarantees every car owner’s right to have their vehicle serviced at the repair facility of their choice.”

PDM is a proud supporter of the automotive aftermarket’s Right to Repair Act.

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