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SEMA 35 Under 35 Features PDM Automotive CEO and Founder

PDM Automotive’s founder and CEO, Johannes Crepon, has been featured in this year’s September issue of SEMA News 35 Under 35, Next-Gen Talent on the Rise.   This award is designed to celebrate a young professional who’s truly spent the last 12 months finding innovative solutions to meet our industry’s demands.   In addition to being recognized among the automotive aftermarket industry’s rising stars, PDM Automotive has also been selected as a semi-finalist to SEMA’s 2020 Launch Pad presented by YEN.

A Visionary Path: From Germany to Revolutionizing Data Management

“Johannes Crepon spent most of his early life in Germany but the one year he lived in the United States during high school had lifetime impact. Crepon spent that year around hot rods, muscle cars and anything else the industry offered. He knew then that his career would be in the performance aftermarket, and after returning to Germany at 17-years-old, he started his first company.”

“Crepon grew the company but realized his biggest challenge lay with obtaining consistent product data. Where most people saw a problem, he saw an opportunity and started Paramount Data Management to revolutionize how the automotive aftermarket industry connects, communicates and does business. For him, technology helps drive market growth, and he hopes to lead the way.”

“Being able to provide customers with perfect product data that they can share with their business partners is very rewarding,” Crepon said. “It is exciting when manufacturers and resellers come to us and say how much we helped them.”

What’s in His Briefcase: “Technology for sure, but also the good old fashion pen and paper (notebook). When traveling on business, I carry my laptop, iPhone, iPad, and essentially my entire office in the cloud.”

Favorite Pizza Topping: Cappriciola.

As seen in the September 2020 issue of SEMA News

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