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PDM Update: User Role Permission Management, Improved Export/Import, Private Label Feature

We have been way to shy about all the great features our team has developed.
Let’s check out some of the best features added to the most recent release:

User Role Permission Management

Custom define user roles with detailed permission rights and assign them to users.

  • Hide/Read/Edit permission levels
  • Apply to any combination of brand, segment, and specified tasks (import, export, distribution)
  • Supports multiple user roles for individual users

User role manager view. : User Role Permission Management.​​

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Private Label feature improvements

New to the private label feature:

  • Data Receivers can manage alternative brand codes
  • Multiple part numbers can be created from one original product

Improved Export/Import

The curated export/import options within PDM have become an important tool for efficient data optimization. To further improve the experience you will notice some changes:

  • More detailed progress for download and upload
  • Download of files directly from the server for improved download speed
  • More detailed tracking of receivers accessing data
  • Tags and eBay settings have been added to the master Excel Export/Import

PIES 6.2 Export

As requested by Advance Auto Parts, you can now also export into PIES 6.2.

Search by Interchange

The search box within your catalog does now also search through all interchange part numbers.

Search by Interchange for User management.

Sorting Custom Fields

Accounts with many custom fields can now easily control the order of how custom fields are displayed in the individual product.

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