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PDM Powers EGR’s Product Data to Improve Data Quality and Product Speed-to-Market 

PDM Automotive was the best solution to power our diverse needs, and we ultimately chose PDM for their vision and commitment to future innovation.
Thomas Lamb
National Sales Manager

EGR Overview 

EGR is a family-owned and run business and has become a world-leading manufacturer of the highest quality automotive accessories that has supplied some of the world’s largest OEMs for nearly 50 years. 

Innovation and engineering excellence are at the core of EGR’s history and continue to drive the company forward. In fact, over 20% of EGR’s global workforce is working on developing new and innovative products to create the best experience possible for all vehicle drivers. 

EGR’s team utilizes the best practice technology to help design and produce the most innovative products on the market. This has been proven as the world’s largest OEMs have trusted EGR to develop and produce products for their new state-of-the-art vehicles. 


Slow speed-to-market, inefficient data compiling methods, untimely product updates, and poor data quality are just a few of the needs that PDM worked with EGR to address. 

Managing application and product data via spreadsheets, coupled with working through data repositories, hampered EGR’s ability to deliver quality, error free data to trading partners in a timely fashion, often leading to lost sales. 

Why PDM Automotive? 

After an extensive search, PDM was chosen because we were the most forward-thinking, agile, flexible solution, and our innovative product roadmap aligned with EGR’s vision to be a leader in the industry and strive for excellence in every aspect of its operation. 

PDM is purpose-built for the automotive industry – removing the pain of managing complex fitment data and connecting internal teams, suppliers, distributors, and retailers to build winning customer experiences across every channel. 

Our team understood their business and challenges and had the experience to develop an enterprise-scale solution that would meet the needs of internal teams and customers. 

“PDM Automotive was the best solution to power our diverse needs, and we ultimately chose PDM for their vision and commitment to future innovation” – Thomas Lamb 

The cloud-based platform offers real-time collaboration and publishing, which improves speed to market. Additionally, the validation tool ensures that high-quality data is constantly delivered. Better quality data means a better customer experience online. 

Key Benefits 

  1. Consistent and stronger brand representation in the market. 
  1. Product data across multiple brands in a single platform. 
  1. Improved data accuracy, as well as vehicle coverage. 
  1. Integrate and syndicate product data to customers and sale channels. 
  1. Faster speed to market, vastly reduced latency. 

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