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PDM Automotive New Feature Alert – Custom Vehicle Tables 11/30/20

PDM Automotive continues to be the leader in bringing the latest technology to the automotive industry and has taken vehicle fitment mapping to all-new levels.  Now you can create Custom Vehicle Tables beyond traditional Auto Care VCdb tables.  Whether you provide parts for a low volume manufacturer, specialty vehicle, or classic car supplier, you can manage your products seamlessly and effortlessly with PDM’s new Custom Vehicle Tables feature. Easily add new custom configurations to make managing data easier than ever.

Auto Care Association’s Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) is a great tool to have embedded into PDM’s platform giving users the ability to access light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, power sports, off-highway, and equipment configurations and attributes of vehicles sold in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, and Chile. By using the VCdb and the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) data standard, it allows for companies to be more efficient in communicating vehicle, off-highway, and equipment fitment data. More information on the Auto Care VCdb table can be found here.

TecDoc also serves the automotive cataloging industry in other regions with different standards than Auto Care. With two different standards, mapping your global catalog can be a bit frustrating. This is where PDM Automotive brings the automotive cataloging world together. With our new Custom Vehicle Table feature, you do not have to worry about what your part fits and you can supplement your ACES catalog with international fitment from other standards to have one master catalog. If you can think it, you can map it – All under one roof!

PDM’s NEW Custom Vehicle Table Feature:

The new, Custom Vehicle Table, is an optional feature that allows PDM users to add custom vehicles and vehicle subconfigurations to their catalog to expand beyond North and South American markets. With this feature, users are not limited by Auto Care’s VCdb catalog standards. PDM allows the creation of your own Custom Vehicle Table where you’ll be able to add any type of vehicle that may exist around the world.

We’ve made it easy to add new custom vehicles by building it directly into your current workflow of managing your product information. We allow you to easily create custom VCdb tables within the ‘Applications’ section of PDM or you can choose to import all of the custom fitment data you have. It doesn’t end there. Once you’ve mapped your product data, users will now have the ability to export custom subconfigurations of the VCdb meaning you can choose what engine fitment data is important to export. And to top it off, your custom vehicle data is can be exported in custom ACES files, Excel, and our API to drive e-commerce.

Now you will be able to:

  • Add vehicles to Auto Care’s North/South American catalog
  • Supplement non-existing configurations (classic, offroad, performance etc.)
  • Add international vehicles (EU/China etc.) vehicles
  • Add non-vehicle applications
  • Export your custom VCdb tables along with custom fields

To unlock the benefits of this new feature, simply reach out to us.

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