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PDM would like to congratulate our customer GSP North America for winning AutoZone’s prestigious “Vendor Of The Year” honor

On March 16th, 2023, GSP North America, a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of CV axles, Hub Assemblies, Loaded Strut Assemblies, motor mounts, and ATV/UTV Axles for the North American Market, was honored with the esteemed “Vendor of the Year” award from AutoZone Mexico.

“GSP North America is truly honored to be selected as Vendor of the Year by one of our most valued customers. We continue to make the necessary investments in our global business to support great customers like AutoZone Mexico. We are prepared to “Accelerate Together” with whatever opportunity AutoZone presents,” Stated Michael Ceritano COO of GSPNA. “It has been a 5-year journey that required significant investment in people, data, process, and technology,” Stated Steve Washington, Director of Sales. “The learning curve has been vertical but today we are a better company for it and prepared to take on the next opportunity”.

The AutoZone FY23 Vendor Summit was held in Playa Mujeres, Mexico, where suppliers convened to celebrate their numerous accomplishments. During the event, AutoZone Mexico acknowledged top suppliers for their contributions in various categories including quality, innovation, cataloging, and sales. The evening’s highlight was the presentation of the coveted “Vendor of the Year” award to GSP North America.
GSP is honored to receive this award and takes pride in this achievement. It serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication and support to AutoZone and its customers. We are excited about our future growth and development.

About AutoZone de México

Since the opening of their first store in Mexico in 1998, AutoZone México has expanded its footprint to all 32 states of the Mexican Republic, including Mexico City. They have a solid infrastructure of stores, distribution centers, support offices, and their own logistics network that allows them to successfully service over 700 stores, and counting!

With close to 12,000 employees in stores, offices, and two distribution centers, located in the states of Nuevo León and Hidalgo, their approach stands out for its people-focused service culture. They provide extraordinary service by offering the best parts and accessories with trustworthy advice to get the job done right the first time.

Additionally, they offer free diagnostic and loan services such as battery testing and charging, ignition modules, alternators, and fuel pumps diagnostics, and an extensive Loan-A-Tool® program.

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