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PDM Automatic Updates to Auto Care Tables

PDM always automatically updates all Auto Care tables to their latest version within 7 days of the release.  Application/Fitment data of each account gets validated after the import to assure compliance with the latest VCdb. Bringing you the ability to add the latest vehicle releases to your product data. Make sure to use PDM’s Quick Fix tool showing you which products can be potentially updated to any new Base Vehicle (Y/M/M), Engine Base, or Engine Configuration that were affected in the new VCdb updates.  Get your automotive product data updated in real-time for your receivers with just a few clicks.  Below are important Auto Care attribute definitions to consider with data management.

Navigating Auto Care Attributes: Essential Definitions for Data Management

VCdb: “The Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) is a fully normalized, relational database of vehicle configurations for passenger cars, light trucks, and medium and heavy-duty trucks sold in the US, Canada and Mexico. Base vehicle information (Year, Make, Model, and Submodel) for Vintage vehicles (1896 – 1950) was added to the VCdb in September 2006 for the US. The VCdb represents nearly 50 unique attributes organized into vehicle systems or attribute groups that are validated against the base vehicle and sub-model combinations. The structure of the database allows aftermarket companies to communicate applications with as much or as little detail as necessary. The result is a more precise, accurate data exchange throughout the supply chain. The VCdb is an essential element of any data solution that aims to manage and communicate complex vehicle information in a standardized format.”  Click here to learn more

PCdb: “The Product Classification Database (PCdb)is intended to design, populate, and implement a data repository for coded hierarchical terminology describing replacement parts, service items, and supplies commonly sold in the aftermarket industry. The design of the database supports terminology for many industry segments including collision repair and supports the classification of application-specific as well as generic commodities found in the aftermarket. PCdb codes are central to the exchange of electronic catalog application data and serve to classify and categorize application records.” Click here to learn more.

Qdb: “A QualifierDatabase (Qdb)  helps standardize terminology within the industry and reduce the number of potentially confusing free-text expressions found in applications. The Qdb can replace free-form text notes with consistent terminology reducing redundant notes and inaccurate interpretation of unlimited free text formats. The Qdb streamlines communication making it easier to parse data into catalogs and increases the search-ability of data.” Click here to learn more.

PAdb: “The Product Attribute database (PAdb) is an auto care industry-standard reference database to be used in conjunction with the  Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES). The PAdb standardizes the way product-specific performance and physical attributes are exchanged between trading partners.” Click here to learn more.

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