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PDM and eCatSolution announce partnership

Paramount Data Management (PDM) is proud to announce its strategic partnership with eCatSolution, a division of Digital Ability.

PDM provides a platform for the automotive parts industry to create, distribute, and receive high-quality product data. PDM is technology-focused with unique features such as the first real-time data exchange between manufacturers and their data receivers. By connecting manufacturers and their customers and streamlining data exchange, product data gets created that meets the receiver’s demand and receivers can leverage the data for increased sales and reduced returns.

While PDM is focusing on the latest technology to build high-quality product data, strong partnerships with leading data service providers have become an important pillar of PDM’s success.

PDM is proud to announce its partnership with eCatSolution as a preferred service partner.

Johannes Crepon, founder of PDM: “John Appt and his team at eCatSolution have very quickly turned into a great partner. We are proud that John has on-boarded his clients to the PDM platform just days after starting our cooperation. While we appreciate John’s business we are even more excited about the great work he and his team have done for our clients, creating complex catalogs within 48 hours, by leveraging all the features we have built into the PDM platform”.

The principals of eCatSolution have several decades of experience in data mapping and catalog production. We’ve been involved in aftermarket data mapping since AutoCare was known as AAIA and using their Legacy tables, and NAPA was utilizing their TAMS system. Our areas of expertise include the automotive aftermarket (passenger car / light truck), heavy-duty truck market, small engine / powersports, and other motive applications.

John Appt, founder of eCatSolution: “As we’ve expanded our offerings to include on-demand, scalable catalog management services, the integration of the PDM platform has taken our ability to service our clients to the next level. With the PDM platform, we are able to offer the application mapping and product information management services our clients require while allowing them to maintain access and control of their data. The PDM platform’s real-time reporting functions have enabled us to make our clients’ product data more robust to meet the enhanced requirements of our data receivers.

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