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New Workflow Automation and Gap Coverage Insights!

Reporting & Insights: VIO Subscriptions now integrate with Gap Coverage Reports

Gap Coverage Reports just got better. You can now integrate your VIO data subscription with PDM’s GAP Coverage reports, giving you deeper insights into ‘absolute’ part coverage. This feature will allow you to match gaps in vehicle coverage against the number of vehicles on the road, providing a clear picture of opportunities supporting you in prioritizing data improvements and product development. Learn more about VIO integration

Automation/Workflow: Automation Scripts

Users can now write and run scripts directly on the PDM platform allowing you to automate processes and repetitive tasks, saving you a tremendous amount of time and hassle. For example, add a new product with a specific part type, and build a rule to autofill the description, custom fields, attributes, and even send those changes to your ERP or eCommerce platform. Now that’s automation! 

This new feature is robust and custom tailored to your business needs. Contact your Account Manager to learn more and activate this feature.

Data Management: New flexibility added to Custom Fields 

We’ve added additional flexibility to the custom fields feature that allows users to add a link/URL as a custom field. Explore custom fields here.