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New Feature – Translation Tables

PDM has added Auto Care’s Spanish Translations Tables which makes it easy for you to translate your ACES and PIES data into the Mexican and South American market. In order to expand its investment into new markets, AutoCare has continuously added more Central and South American vehicles to the VCdb. With this expansion, it opens the doors for North America and South America to stay true to the Auto Care standard without a language translation barrier. These new Spanish translations are now available in the VCdb, Qdb, PCdb and PAdb databases.

We’ve also made it easy to create custom translations from English into Spanish, French, and Portuguese in these areas:

  • Part Attributes
  • Qualifiers
  • Notes

If you subscribe to the Spanish Translations with Auto Care, you can utilize those in your PDM account. PDM will continue to expand into other translations as AutoCare makes them available. You can learn more about Auto Care’s translation updates here.

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