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How to Maximize Amazon Sales with Amazon A+ and A+ Premium Content

In this blog post, learn about the range of benefits that Amazon A+ and A+ Premium content can bring to you as a seller.  

In the evolving world of e-commerce, staying competitive requires online sellers to continuously adopt new selling strategies. For those in the automotive parts and accessories sector on Amazon, leveraging Amazon A+ and A+ Premium content is a key strategy. 

A+ Content, specifically, is tailored to boost conversion rates. It offers sellers an advanced way to enrich their Amazon product detail pages with rich text, images, HD videos, banners, and more. 

In this blog post, learn about the range of benefits that Amazon A+ and A+ Premium content can bring to you as a seller.  

Unique Content Creation at Scale 

In the competitive world of Amazon e-commerce, differentiating each product SKU with unique, high-quality content is key. Crafting detailed, personalized product descriptions for every item in your catalog is essential for standing out. PDM Automotive enables sellers to create engaging, custom content for each product efficiently and effectively at scale. 

The Benefits of Amazon A+ and A+ Premium Content for Sellers 

Stand Out  

With powerful branding, bold images and descriptive content, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and create a more robust customer connection.  

Stand out with bold images and good descriptive content

Increase Traffic 

While A+ content doesn’t improve Amazon search rankings directly, adding high-quality content can lead to better reviews and greater sales, positively impacting Amazon’s search algorithm.  

Check out our ultimate guide to ACES and PIES for a comprehensive overview of these databases and how to use them.

Improve Conversion  

A study by Amazon suggests that A+ Content can boost sales by as much as 8%, while A+ Premium can yield up to a 20% increase. Detailed product information makes it easier for customers to buy at that moment, increasing conversion rates. 

Reduce Returns 

With A+ Content, customers learn more about the part or accessory they’re about to buy. Detailed descriptions, features, and images ensure customers know exactly what to expect, which can significantly reduce returns (and negative feedback). 

Showcase Product Features

Emphasize your products unique selling points

Comparison charts allow you to emphasize your products’ unique selling points against competitors. When offering a range of products, informational charts can help customers select the right product by comparing the most important features, like a chart that compares the features and benefits of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional motor oils. 

Showcase products with simple charts for customers to see their specifications

Trust and Credibility

It boosts your credibility when customers see detailed content on your product page. Investing in quality content sends the message that you are confident in your products and are committed to sharing critical information with your customers. 

A+ Content is Free 

Amazon A+ content is free for brand-registered selling partners. However, A+ Content is subject to the same guidelines that apply to other product detail page content in the Amazon store, along with additional guidelines specific to A+ content.  

Taking It Up a Notch With A+ Premium 

While A+ content provides many benefits, A+ Premium goes even further. It’s a premium service offering more innovative templates, interactive multimedia modules, and high-quality videos to present your products in the best possible light. 


As the Amazon platform becomes more saturated, differentiation is critical. Investing in A+ and A+ Premium ensures your automotive products are presented in the best possible light. If it is properly executed, leveraging A+ content can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. 

Thanks for checking out our introduction to Amazon A+. Contact our team today to learn more about Amazon A+ and how PDM can increase your sales on Amazon. 

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