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How PDM Automotive Helped Energy Suspension Increase Market Share & Gain Efficiency

Energy Suspension faced an uphill battle, grappling with missed product selling and inefficient processes through the product management cycle.  


Pain Point 


Poor Product Data Quality

Transitioning to a purpose-built PIM system that allows for better management and updating of product information.

Manual and Labor-Intensive Data Management

Automating the previously manual and labor-intensive processes involved in managing product data. 

Missing Product Lines and Applications

Energy Suspension discovered over 10,000 unique fitment opportunities within existing part lines. 

Inefficiencies in Updating Product Data

Establishing a single source of truth for product data that eliminates data silos and facilitates smooth data sharing to partners. 

Inability to Focus on Strategic Initiatives

Streamlining workflows gives decision-makers more time to focus on significant initiatives. 

We make polyurethane components that will last a lifetime. I’ve got to tell that story better, and now we have that ability. I'm not worried about data anymore, and I'm not worried about applications. I can focus on telling the story.
Energy Suspension's Logo
Dennis Grau
National Sales & Marketing Manager, Energy Suspension.

PDM Automotive recently sat down with Dennis Grau, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Energy Suspension, to learn more about their recent transition to an all-new PIM (Product Information Management) system. 

Energy Suspension has been the first name in premium polyurethane suspension components for nearly 40 years. Based in San Clemente, California, Energy Suspension’s team of automotive enthusiasts develops and manufactures their premium suspension products in-house, allowing them to offer a trusted, ultra-premium product and the ability to bring new products to market quickly. 

Energy Suspension offers owners a premium option in a crowded marketplace, from off-road vehicles like Jeep Wranglers to high-performance muscle cars like the Ford Mustang to SUV’s like Chevrolet Tahoe

Thanks to aggressive product development, the Energy Suspension product line quickly grew to encompass thousands of SKUs that worked with hundreds of different models.


Data-Management Issues Lead To Missed Sales Opportunities

Like many business leaders at smaller companies, Dennis wears many hats throughout the course of his day, and one of his many tasks is managing the mountain of product data that Energy Suspension had in their existing PIM system. Data accuracy is paramount for Energy Suspension since this data is used by their retail partners, both online and brick-and-mortar, to help their customers find the right product.  

Energy Suspension’s previous PIM provider produced data scoring reports built from information gleaned from the SEMA Data Co-op. Despite efforts, Energy Suspension consistently showed Bronze on their data viability scores, which prompted Dennis to ask his PIM system representative what score was below Bronze. Turns out that bronze was the lowest data score available.  

Sensing a significant issue, Dennis immediately focused on Energy Suspension’s product data, hiring staff to manually review product data to find the fitment holes for existing parts in their catalog. The results were stunning. 

Energy Suspension discovered additional applications for 400 model years and 150 new applications after reviewing a mere 60 product numbers. 


PDM Automotive Steps In 

“I sat in the first meeting with PDM and felt this transition would happen smoothly. There were a couple of meetings; I just delegated them, and overall, it was painless.”

As part of the aftermarket community for many years, Dennis began to share his story with other industry professionals. After expressing his concerns, PDM Automotive came highly recommended as a PIM provider that provided a comprehensive solution and could help Energy Suspension refine its data to find all available applications within its vast catalog. 

In early 2024, the PDM Automotives implementation team got to work and, within five weeks, fully transitioned Energy Suspension to the PDM platform. Thanks to the leadership of the implementation team, the process was efficient and painless, allowing Dennis to focus on the business of providing world-class suspension components. 

Dennis looks forward to spending more time working on product content, such as features and benefits, and a new line of product installation videos. Since they now work with PDM Automotive, Energy Suspension can simultaneously update ACES and PIES data, product descriptions, and even installation videos for all their partners. 

Although implementation is early, Energy Suspension expects to identify around 5,000 additional applications, leading to a potential 10% percent lift in sales. In the coming months, our team will follow up with Dennis and his team to learn about the full impact of the transition, focusing on revenue growth and market share expansion.