Reseller, access free product data from hundreds of brands.
Resellers, get free access to product data from hundreds of brands.

Hedges & Co. “Automotive Internet Marketing Starts with Part Type Consumer Search Patterns”

Anyone in the automotive aftermarket would likely agree that since 2004 Hedges & Company has been an authority in automotive aftermarket trends.  Yet again, they have their finger on the pulse of the importance that product data.  Research shows “automotive internet marketing starts with part type consumer search patterns.”  How you manage part data should be the center of your universe when selling automotive parts online.  The days of sending and receiving spreadsheets, pulling information from websites and catalogs, and hoping the information is correct are long gone, or at least they should be.  Managing your product data in one location, as a central source of information to flow through all sales channels in a streamlined, accurate, and consistent basis is paramount to successful sales.  According to Hedges & Co. research, there are six search patterns to be aware of when optimizing SEO and PPC:

  • Automotive Internet marketing starts with part type consumer search patterns
  • Informational search queries: a broad category of automotive internet marketing
  • Brand search consumer search patterns
  • Search queries for automotive part numbers
  • Search queries to diagnose symptoms and problems
  • Automotive part function search queries

Optimizing all of these search patterns can be achieved with a robust, streamlined product data management process and partner.  Utilizing ACES and PIES industry standards will help to ensure that customers find your products every time.  At PDM Automotive, we provide you with the tools necessary to consistently and accurately manage vehicle fitment, brand search, product data part numbers, attributes & features, and digital assets to seamlessly and quickly flow through to all sales channels in a consistent and accurate manner.

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