Reseller, access free product data from hundreds of brands.
Resellers, get free access to product data from hundreds of brands.

PDM Automotive’s Five Tips to Better Data Health

In this ever-changing environment, data quality is proving to be an essential pillar to successful sales.  Data drives sales and if customers cannot find your products online or the product information is incorrect/incomplete you are at risk for lost opportunities. There is no better time than now, to streamline your product data to ensure your information is accurate, complete, and available.   Here are five key areas to consider when determining the overall health of your company’s product data – Completeness, Consistency, Compliance, Currentness, and Cleanliness.  Checking these boxes will ensure customers find your products every time.

Completeness: How complete is your data? Are all data points covered, beyond vehicle year, make, and model?  Do you have digital assets, descriptions, invoicing information, packaging, warranty information? The PDM platform reveals all gaps and missing information in your product data, by utilizing predefined validation points to ensure product data is complete for all parts. PDM’s Quick Fix makes it easy to quickly update product data points and with PDM’s real-time data feature your customers will have access immediately.

Consistency: Do all products use the same data points and terminology? For example, one-part number may refer to Chevy, another Chevrolet, and another Corvette.  Do you use the same year range descriptions for all data points?  Consistency is essential to manageable databases, it helps with data searches and reporting and most importantly, customers will find your product every time. The best way to ensure your products are complete is to create a scorecard for all the essential information.  PDM gives users the ability to create custom scorecards to ensure that customers give you an A+ with your product data.  Utilizing scorecards improves the overall communication between you and your customers, using data as your voice.

Compliance: The Auto Care Association introduced ACES & PIES standard for the automotive industry to help improve data communication between business partners. Utilizing the ACES & PIES formatting streamlines and organizes data points to reduce having to create multiple formats of application fitment and product information. (For more information about ACES & PIES please visit If you are already using ACES & PIES formatting, just getting started, or using a different format altogether, PDM’s platform ensures that your product data is compliant in an easy, user-friendly, completely transparent format.

Currentness: How often is your product data updated with the latest vehicle models?  PDM notifies you when products may be applicable to the latest vehicles.   With PDM’s report exporting capabilities you can send new product announcements and complete information to customers with a click of a button.  This is a quick, easy way to positively impact sales with up-to-date product data available in real-time.  This is what drives sales quickly, ensuring customers can purchase products the minute they become available.

Cleanliness: Why is data cleanliness important? Quite simply, it ensures data quality.   Product data should be free from duplicates and overlaps.  Eliminate the need for notes by applying attributes for all essential information to ensure product data is clean.   Exceptional data quality is essential to maintaining strong business relationships.  Business partners rely on the integrity of data to help sell products.


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