Reseller, access free product data from hundreds of brands.
Resellers, get free access to product data from hundreds of brands.

🚗 Drake Automotive group launches new website, driven by PDM 👍

Drive eCommerce with PDM API connectivity

Drive eCommerce with PDM API connectivity

The Drake Automotive Group has launched its new website and PDM is proud to drive the website live via the PDM content API.
Drake’s changes to its product data are not only available instantly to customers worldwide but also published live on their homepage.

“The power of PDM allows Drake Automotive Group to provide ACES/PIES compliant data, which doesn’t really exist in our Classic Mustang niche market. Being afforded the ability to actively improve product data in real-time, that also pushes direct to our new website, brings a new level of customer experience that has been desperately needed in this category. Through PDM, we are focused on constantly improving product attributes and cross fitments, so our Wholesale Distributors have greater success in selling to the end consumer.” Chris Wagner (VP of Sales Drake Automotive Group)

Connectivity with PDM

Working with the PDM Platform gives you full flexibility to distribute your data.

  • Directly connected to all major resellers
  • Directly integrated with eBay
  • Available in multiple file-formats ACES XML, PIES XML, xlsx, csv
  • Automated exports
  • Real-Time availability through the PDM content API

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