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Congratulations to PDM Customers Carter Fuel Systems, DRiV, and NTN On Content Awards at ACPN Knowledge Exchange

A trio of PDM customers won content awards at the 2021 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference. PDM helps the automotive parts industry’s most innovative brands and resellers maintain and deliver real-time product data across all their selling channels. We are excited and proud to partner with these great brands to help them manage and connect their data.

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First up is Carter Fuel Systems, who was awarded the 2021 ACPN Receiver’s Choice Award at this year’s ACPN Knowledge Exchange. Carter, part of First Brands Group, was chosen for the award based on a combination of accuracy, completeness, timeliness, consistency, delivery, and communication. Congratulations to the team at Carter!

DRiV Logo

DRiV Incorporated was presented with the PartsTech Receiver’s Choice Award for 2021. The award is based on data quality and image coverage across their products, and DRiV was compared with over 1,000 manufacturers to be chosen for the award. Their data score was over 90% which propelled them right to the top of the list. We’re excited to continue partnering with DRiV to continue improving data quality across their product lines.

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BCA Bearings, whose parent company is NTN, was awarded the ACPN Gold Award for ACES & PIES Catalog Data. The winning company is chosen based on the assessment of an ACES (and matching PIES) xml file for a single brand, and was given during the ACPN Knowledge Exchange. We are proud of NTN and the entire team and can’t wait to continue being part of the excellent data strategy they have adopted.

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