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Five Aftermarket Brand and Reseller Website Designs to Inspire Your Content Strategy in 2024

Discover the top aftermarket brand and reseller website designs of 2024 in PDM Automotive's latest blog. Get inspired by standout examples from JEGS, Holley, Saleen, Scat Brands, and MOOG to elevate your content strategy and website design. Perfect for businesses looking to drive growth and enhance user experience.

Since founding PDM Automotive in 2017, we’ve been on a mission to simplify the complex world of automotive parts data for aftermarket companies, connecting suppliers, distributors, and retailers more efficiently. Our goal? To spark growth and elevate the customer experience for brands and retailers leveraging our platform for product content management and offer great website design. Along the way, we’ve partnered with incredible brands that are not only iconic in their history but are also pioneering new growth avenues and setting benchmarks in the automotive industry.

In this post, we highlight the power of website design in shaping your content strategy. Drawing inspiration from the field, we’ve handpicked five websites that we love so you can implement similar tactics into your own website. If you’re looking to improve your website and content, it’s helpful to know what elements go into a great site. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the best and celebrate what makes these brands mainstays in the auto industry.


Those who love drag racing know that JEGS is the first place to look for high-performance components.

Jeg Coughlin started JEGS back in the 1960s out of sheer frustration. Drag racing was his passion, yet Jeg had trouble finding quality parts in his small Midwestern hometown. Frustrated, he began to scour the country for the best parts and bring them back to his 4000-foot shop to be re-sold to other enthusiasts. In the 1990s, Jeg’s sons took JEGS and evolved the shop into a mail-order business, advertising at tracks and in the back of magazines like Road & Track to help draw people into the world of speed. Success was not far behind. 

Once you land on the homepage, you’re greeted with a catalog-style layout with the best deals front and center and quick access to their awesome Year/Make/Model tool.

After selecting their vehicle, they are greeted with a powerful list of products that is staggering in size, yet easily sorted and filtered with a wide variety of options. 

Click on any item and you’re presented with a concise, easy-to-read listing that shows everything from specific product specifications, to exact fitment information. 

Today, JEGS is still the first stop for speed enthusiasts, thanks to their remarkable inventory, expert customer service, and first-rate website, making it easy to find the right part for your vehicle. In addition to offering parts for major brands, JEGS has a white-label line offering serious quality for a lower price. Enthusiasts can purchase everything from full engines to tig welders and anything in between in one visit. Plus, since JEGS backs it, you know it’s the good stuff.


For a case study on how to grow with a fury, look no further than Holley.

Since 1896, Holley has been the first name in fuel delivery products. Holley has always been at the forefront of performance, from carburetors in the 1950s to electronic fuel injection innovations in the 70s and 80s, and hard times in the mid-2010s forced Holley to change how they went to market and began to acquire some of the best aftermarket brands in the world, starting with  MSD Performance. From there, Holley made moves to purchase dozens of other winning brands, serving enthusiasts across the globe. 

Take one look at Holley’s automotive parts website, and you’ll notice some of the best brands now fall under the Holley name, including: 

  • Flowmaster 
  • Baer Brakes 
  • Hurst 
  • Dinan
  • AEM
  • Simpson Racing 

Once you land on the Holley homepage, you’re immediately greeted with a Year/Make/Model tool at the front and center. Since Holley sells through so many different brands, owners can expect to receive multiple options from incredible brands. Plus, Holley boasts about the brand selection, easy return policy and access to experts, right on the homepage, building trust from the get-go.

Once you hit the landing page for the vehicle, you’re greeted with an action photo, along with applicable parts and accessories that shows a great website design.

To amp things up, Holley also features specific products, installation videos, and even customer builds to help customers make buying decisions and receive practical advice.  

Their list of brands makes them the venerable “who’s who” in the automotive aftermarket business, allowing them to serve enthusiasts that range from motorcyclists, to drag racers and everyone in between. 

Add in a compelling, easy-to-use website design that adds additional content to help customers along their journey, and it’s no surprise that Holley is so successful. 


When it comes to fast Fords, there is no name more synonymous with speed than former racer Steve Saleen. 

Not only does Saleen make some of the best performance parts for Ford products like the Mustang, Bronco, and F-150, but they also created the iconic Saleen S7 supercar, and the new Saleen S1 supercar. Plus, Saleen sells complete examples of highly modified vehicles to customers worldwide, including the iconic Mustang 302 and even a highly modified Tesla Model S.

This means that buyers who land on the Saleen parts site can look for high-performance parts that meet the exceedingly high standards set by Saleen for their personal builds. Saleen parts represent the finest levels of craftsmanship and are engineered to boost performance.The site is visually appealing, and it’s incredibly easy to find various parts for specific models. 

In one of those little nods to Mustang fans, Saleen makes sure to not only list Mustangs by generation but to name them properly (FOX, New Edge, etc.).

Once you select a vehicle, an easy-to-use listing of parts comes up that users can easily sort. and offer a great website design experience. 

Saleen blends its racing heritage and great product design into a simple package that is both compelling and easy to use. 

Scat Brands 

Born in 1964, Scat Brands has established itself as one of the finest names in crankshafts and internal engine components. 

Those who grew up loving muscle cars know that Scat Pack Mopar muscle was one of the most formidable forces out on the street.

Before Scat Pack became synonymous with performance, Scat made crankshafts and other internal engine components for street racers and professionals alike. Over the years, Scat continued to deliver race-winning, high-performance components designed and manufactured in their Redondo Beach, California facility. 

Visit the Scat Brands site, and you’ll be immediately greeted with a list of all their incredible brands with a great website design to look.

Paxton and Vortec Superchargers, AFR, RaceTec Pistons, and Procar interiors are now under their umbrella of brands. 

Once you land on a brand, each site offers a distinct character but at its core makes finding the right part incredibly easy.

Product descriptions are not only clear and easy to understand, but Scat also offers an enhanced photo view by simply hovering over the listing photos. This allows buyers to see what they’re paying for and get an idea of why Scat is the best in the business. 

Moog Parts 

Shadetree mechanics and professionals alike know MOOG has been the name in the game for high-quality chassis components for nearly 100 years. 

From a legendary record in NASCAR to being the choice of dealerships and OEMS across the globe, MOOG has built a well-earned reputation for quality.

Not content with staying in its lane, MOOG has increased its offers to move beyond just front-end components to over 835 new part numbers in 2014. This expansion included nearly 600 additional control arms and assemblies and 47 wheel hub assemblies. 

Navigating the MOOG site is easy, with simple controls for finding parts for your particular make and model. In fact, when you land on their page, their effective YMM tool is front and center.

Once selected, MOOG will offer multiple part options for one model of vehicle, allowing purchasers to get exactly what they want.

Once you land on a product, MOOG does a fantastic job of offering everything you need to know about the part in one, simple to read listing.

Everything from fitment data, to what comes in the box is listed clearly on the product listing. You can tell that MOOG keeps proper fitment top of mind, and companies like PDM make this complicated data management process incredibly easy.

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