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Automotive Content Professional’s Network (ACPN) Committee’s New Selection

PDM Automotive is honored to announce it has been selected by the Automotive Content Professional’s Network (ACPN) Committee. a community of the Auto Care Association, for a second year in a row to be its data judging partner for the 2020 ACPN Content Excellence Awards. The ACPN Content Excellence Awards recognize the best examples of electronic content and cataloging in the auto care industry.

This year, PDM Automotive will judge the 2020 Content Excellence Award category for “ACES and PIES Data.” This award is the highest recognized acknowledgement for data providers in the automotive industry towards the quality of their ACES and PIES data. In 2019, over 30 submissions were analyzed using the PDM technology with a total of over 7.2 million application records. #finallygreatdata #pdmautomotive #datamatters

The Content Excellence Awards are comprised of four categories:

  • Web-Based Catalogs: catalog application lookup that is purely browser-based and does not require any special client-side app to be installed;
  • ACES and PIES Data: recognizes excellent source data and adherence to XSD validations
  • CCPN Installer’s Choice: recognizes excellent business-to-business systems that are either web-based or client-side install (app) supported, which support business transactions; and
  • Receiver’s Choice: Industry leading data receivers recognize organizations that are supplying high quality content including ACES, PIES, digital assets and other customer specific formats.

NEW for 2020 is the “CCPN Installer’s Choice Award,” presented by the Car Care Professionals Network (CCPN), a community of the Auto Care Association. This category is for business-to-business systems that are either web-based or client-side install (app) supported, which support business transactions.

ACPN is now accepting entries for the 2020 ACPN Content Excellence Awards. The award ceremony will take place at the 47th annual ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference on May 3-6, 2020, in Seattle, Wash. at the Hyatt Regency Seattle.

Interested participants must register for and be present at the 2020 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference to be considered for the awards. The deadline to submit for the “Web-Based Catalog”, “ACES and PIES Data” and “CCPN Installer’s Choice Award” categories is Jan. 27, 2020

For more information about the ACPN community and the 2020 Annual Knowledge Exchange Conference, visit the ACPN Knowledge Exchange webpage or contact Tom Schiavo at

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