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AAPEX Kicks Off! SEMA360 Day 2 Recap

AAPEX Virtual Day 2 News

President and CEO Bill Hanvey Reports on Massachusetts Right to Repair Bill

Bill Hanvey had the honor of announcing that the MA Right to Repair bill was passed with overwhelming support.  The Right to Repair committee pulled together a strong grassroots effort with 1600 automotive shops participating and help work the polling stations to educate voters on the importance of their individual rights to repair their vehicle anywhere they choose.  Hanvey went on to say that this was “the most expensive ballot question in MA history, with carmakers, spending $30million dollars” to counter the Right to Repair initiative.  There were many companies that supported the initiative,  Hanvey gave a special thank you to CARE, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto, NAPA, and The Auto Care Association; along with LKQ Corporation, Dorman, awda Warehouse Distributors, and AASA.

It is due to their support and the Right Repair Committee below that this was made possible:

Ray Pohlman, President Allied Auto Parts

Michael Borr, President & CEO Allied Auto Parts

Bill Hanvey, President & CEO Auto Care Association

Tommy Hickey, Spokesperson

Aaron Lowe, SVP Government and Regulatory Affairs Auto Care Association

Rich Benoit, Owner, Electrified Garage.

Hanvey, showed his appreciation for the hard work of these individuals that helped to protect the aftermarket and the consumers from car manufacturers and dealerships creating a monopoly to block access to vehicle data, diagnostics, and repairs.

To learn more about the Right to Repair initiative and The Auto Care Association please click here.

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AAPEX Virtual Day 1 Kickoff!

ACPN Founder/CEO Bill Hanvey and AASA President/COO Paul McCarthy Kickoff Virtual AAPEX Experience – 3 Big Takeaways

1. How COVID-19 Has Affected The Aftermarket Bill Hanvey and Paul McCarthy welcomed Virtual AAPEX attendees to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic effects on the industry and how the market is reacting. McCarthy went on to say “We appreciate you joining us. We hope the next few days of expanded training begin a future for AAPEX of enhancing its value in connecting with technicians. The most important thing and the heart of what AAPEX is, is fostering connections to set our businesses on a positive trajectory even in this unprecedented year.”  Through the current atmosphere, Bill and Paul showed statistics of how the aftermarket has been resilient now, and even during the fall of our economy in 2008, this shows just how essential the aftermarket is to growth. “While we see key indicators like miles driven and sales take a tumble earlier this year, our v-shaped recovery is prevalent across a number of indicators.” Said Hanvey. He also goes on to mention that “after falling 8.8 percent, the aftermarket is forecasted to grow 11.7 percent in 2021.”

2. Promoting Diversity Within The Industry “We as an association recognize support and promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.” Bill Hanvey said, “Diversity applies to race, gender, age, disability, creed, anything that makes us different.” Bill recognizes that this industry has made positive strides but that we still need more diversity and encourages all businesses to take the time to examine their own businesses. Bill also asks that businesses can help by creating an environment where everyone feels safe at their events and to network no matter their background.

3. Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice A consumer education campaign to pressing policymakers to pass legislation that ensures vehicle owners maintain their right to choose where they want their vehicle serviced. Over the past few months, automakers have been running a smear campaign in Massachusetts so that vehicle owners lose this right. Massachusetts Right to Repair is a coalition of 4,000 Massachusetts independent auto repair shops, local auto parts stores, consumers, and drivers interested in making sure consumers have access to all of the repair and diagnostic information on the vehicle they own. “The reason the new Right to Repair measure should pass is simple: It is inherently unfair for car manufacturers to have sole access to a vehicle’s mechanical data, because it gives their dealerships an advantage over independent auto-repair shops.” – Boston Globe

Learn more about Bill Hanvey

Learn more about Paul McCarthy

Learn more about Massachusetts Right to Repair

Make sure to find us at #VirtualAAPEX so we can connect!

SEMA360 Day 2

PDM Shows Off its Data Management App

SEMA is always full of shiny new products to feast your eyes on but this year is a lot different. Although we can’t be there physically, thanks to technology we can still see and interact virtually. Luckily for you, we also have a shiny product to show off this year and that is our revolutionary PDM technology that allows you to easily create, manage, and distribute your product information. We have Boardrooms open for you to join but spaces are limited so make sure you add us to your schedule early!

Brand DNA – Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – November 4, 2020 @ 12:00 PM EST

Powering Up Sales – November 4, 2020 @ 3:00PM EST

Builder Showcase – 1929 Ford Sedan


Watch out for speed bumps! Check out this one-of-kind 1929 Ford Sedan built by Kris Bluntzer. If the height of this car caught you off guard, check out that engine! This is one of very unique cars we’ve ‘passed’ by during our SEMA360 experience and we’re excited for what else is in store.


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