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SEMA360 Day 1 Recap

SEMA360 Day 1 Kick’s Off

Mike Rowe & Tanner Foust Keynote, powered by OPTIMA Batteries

Tanner Foust, American professional driver and television host along with Mike Rowe, television host and jack of all trades, discussed what it means to wear many hats in the automotive industry and how their careers expanded into what they are today.  Mike discussed  MikeRoweWORKS foundation which started as a PR campaign and has now evolved into a scholarship fund that donates $1 million a year to help people that want to learn a trade. He mentioned that there is a shortage of skilled technicians across the country and his foundation helps people learn a trade, encouraging more people to learn automotive skills will ultimately help individuals and the industry itself grow.   Mike Rowe and Tanner Foust kicked off SEMA360 talking about the importance of helping people channel their passion into a craft in the automotive.  We loved Tanner’s tour of the Formula One track!

Learn more about MikeRoweWORKS

Learn more about Tanner Foust

BBS of America, Inc. Shows Off Their 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8

BBS takes on one of  Chevrolet’s most iconic sports car and fits in with their “uncompromising, aesthetics and trendy” CI-R high-performance wheel. This wheel is has a distinctive Y-spoke design and has weight optimization. They’ve taken an already hot looking sports car and managed to make it hotter. These wheels go through the ultimate test before they end up on your car. From X-Ray inspection to heat treatment, you know you’ll be buying a quality wheel for your ride.

Learn about BBS technology here.

Vaughn Gittin, Jr., World Champion Drifter

Vaughn Gittin, Jr. World Champion drifter is a self-proclaimed computer nerd, Microsoft certified at 18rs old, and went to college for Information Technology.  We knew we loved you, Vaughn! You speak to our inner technology geek soul!  Thank you for taking your math and science knowledge and education to the automotive industry.

Visit Vaughn Gittin, Jr here.

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