Reseller, access free product data from hundreds of brands.
Resellers, get free access to product data from hundreds of brands.

PDM is Driving the Industry Forward

PDM was founded in 2017 with the goal of building an easier and more transparent approach to creating and distributing parts data in the automotive industry. We had a vision for a platform where brands could take charge of their own data, resellers could access all their product information in real-time, and service providers could add their own special contributions to the process.

Today, we see brands migrating from legacy systems, repositories, or co-ops to PDM and gaining an immediate improvement in their efficiency, data quality, sales, and return rates. Resellers using PDM’s technology have real-time access to product data with the ability to connect to all their retail channels.

2020 was a year of many changes for PDM. The team grew, we closed our first round of outside funding by amazing investors in the Seattle area, and opened an additional development office. We believed that all these great steps called for more maturity in our corporate identity. Our previous logo served us well for four years, but we saw this moment as a chance to update our own image to accompany the bright future we see for the automotive parts industry.

It is not just a change of our visual identity but the next evolution of our company. Our constantly growing team is driven to deliver an exceptional experience to our growing customer base and our development pipeline is filled with amazing features we know you’ll love.

PDM was started by its founders to change this industry for the better. The automotive industry has been held back by legacy technology but we see a bright future ahead. Innovations towards electric and self-driving technology will require a strong backbone to serve replacement part requirements in real-time.

We’re proud to partner with the leading brands and resellers in the automotive parts industry. PDM is forging the future of how brands, sellers, and service providers collaborate. We are passionate about the automotive industry and will continue delivering tools and services that move this amazing industry forward.

We believe that when automotive parts data is easy to manage, accessible from anywhere, and distributed intelligently, the whole industry wins. Our vision is to see every company in the industry using PDM to collaborate and grow together. We invite you to join for free and benefit immediately.

Become part of the future today.

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