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The Paramount Data Management (PDM Automotive) team enjoyed meeting with new platform partners including XClutch, UMI, SCAT and Kooks at the 2019 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show.  Welcome Aboard!  The PRI Show is a must attend event in the performance industry.  We enjoyed building face-to-face relationships with many manufacturers, distributors and data receivers in the industry. We are looking forward to PRI 2020.

PDM’s number one goal for partners is to own, access and publish their own great data.  Additionally, to have the confidence that product data information is clean, consistent and streamlined.  Let’s face it, having great data makes it easier and faster to sell more products.  With the PDM data platform, never again get caught at a trade show looking up a part for a customer and find that the information doesn’t exist anywhere.  PDM not only helps many brands bring data into ACES & PIES compliance, but also, send real time new product releases, receiver specific load sheets, assists with developing brand strategies for great data, along with many other cutting edge technology tools.  Whether you are a manufacturer or a receiver, visit to sign up for your FREE two week trial.

Email the PDM Team today to set up your free online demonstration and to learn how you can achieve great data. #finallygreatdata

(Pictured from left to right, Johannes Crepon, CEO of PDM Automotive with Steve Kaminski @ XClutch,  Ramey Womer @ UMI, Craig Schenasi @ Scat and Kevin Floody @ Kooks)

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