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PDM Announces All New Features – February 2021


PDM is committed to continually make enhancements to the platform’s cloud-based user interface (UI) and user experience to make daily tasks run smoothly and efficiently.   “We listen to our valued members and want to ensure we provide the most technologically advanced enhancements on the market, as per PDM’s VP of Product, Eric Lough.  Eric adds, “today, we are announcing 5 PDM features that have been updated and enhanced to help you become more efficient with content management. ”  Below are details around these new enhancements:

The ability to export validation into excel has now been added. In this new Export option, you’ll be able to export:

  1. Duplicate Applications – Duplicates are identical applications across different products for the same part type. For your customers, it looks like you are selling identical parts with two different part numbers. Note: This validation does not look at any attributes or descriptions but only the application data. You typically need to specify additional information such as engine details, transmission, qualifiers etc.
  2. Overlapping Applications – These are flaws in logic within one product. The rule of ACES is: “less is more”. In ACES you only make a selection for a subconfiguration if you want to exclude the values that you are not selecting. Example: By selecting one submodel you are communicating to your customers that your product does not fit any other submodel but the one selected. The PDM overlap validation shows you two or more application records within one product that have flaws in logic by one application having a selected value for a specific subconfiguration and another application not having a similar selection, which means that all values of that subconfiguration are valid. You are therefore making opposing statements: “This product fits every value of this subconfiguration” and on the other side: “This product only fits on this subconfiguration”
  3. Update Application Subconfigurations – If  a vehicle subconfiguration was added incorrectly, you’ll now be able to export all the incorrect subconfigurations and see clearly what options are correct.

With these 3 new exports, you can make your changes and reimport for easier application updates.

Attribute Segments completely rebuilt. This eliminates the previous steps of having to add a value and then apply it to your parts

  1. Bulk changes within Attributes. Now you can select all parts and add new attributes to many parts at the same time. This also provides users with the ability to copy and paste attributes across multiple parts.
  2. Translation to languages like German and Spanish are easily available within attributes.

New ‘Export Started’ screen:

  1. A new user experience was added so you know when your export has started

More options have been added when switching between applications

After editing an application and continuing onto the next, you will now get a screen that asks you if the changes you made were correct and therefore have the option to commit the change or not.

Digital Assets show which brand they belong to

If you have many digital assets across many brands, the updated Digital Assets table will show you which brand has which digital asset. You can even download this list to make sure each brand has the correct digital assets

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