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PDM becomes first data provider to fully integrate into Opticat API

We are excited to bring to you the following press release, sent out by Opticat LLC:

OptiCat Announces that Paramount Data Management Has Integrated into the OptiCat API

OptiCat has announced that Paramount Data Management (PDM) has integrated to the new OptiCat API (applications programming interface) for the distribution of product data, generated with a PDM product information management (PIM) system account. With its unique technology, PDM enables manufacturers in the automotive parts industry to create product data that is tailored specifically towards key receivers in the industry. The integration to OptiCat’s API allows PDM users to speed data to market in hours, not days or months, and with OptiCat’s catalog data validation tool, OnTarget, the supplier can ensure that the data is technically best able to meet the requirements of the data receiver.

OptiCat is the first data distribution network directly integrated with PDM’s PIM system, as an addition to PDM’s existing validations, individual to key receivers.

“With OptiCat‘s API sending high-quality data, created by the supplier with a PDM account, delivery to receivers is accomplished in “near-real-time”. We are proud and excited to partner with OptiCat, a leading data distribution networks and trusted partner for key manufacturers and data receivers in the industry. For suppliers, It is now possible to add new products or make changes and have them visible at highest possible speed“, said Johannes Crepon of PDM.
Bryan Thueson, COO of OptiCat, commented, “The integration by PDM of the OptiCat API is another step toward providing highest possible “speed to market” of important supplier catalog data. Every day, and even hour, of data delay represents a lost selling opportunity. We are committed to maximizing opportunities to “Help Sell More Parts” across the distribution Chain!”

About OptiCat LLC:
OptiCat LLC, ( provides a “Network” of data validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to securely optimize Suppliers’ data and its distribution to the marketplace. These programs help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors, reduce information processing costs and speed cataloging information to global markets in “near-real-time”, with the ultimate objective of “Helping You Sell More Parts”! OptiCat also maintains the fastest-to-market industry-standard OnLine Parts Research Catalog at
About Paramount Data Management (PDM), (
PDM is a cloud-based automotive product data platform with usage rates starting at $65/month. This allows suppliers to:

  • Generate Data: Generate your product data easier, faster, and in high-quality. Optional data service is available for $50/hour.
  • Maintain Data: Automated suggestions ensure your products are accurately represented and are always up to date.
  • Distribute Data: Get your product data to your receivers within hours – not weeks. Push your data to receivers automatically.

Overview of Opticat’s data receivers

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