Reseller, access free product data from hundreds of brands.
Resellers, get free access to product data from hundreds of brands.

Let PDM Climb the Data Mountain for You

Achieving great product data management should not feel like you are climbing a mountain, unless of course you are in a 4×4 and want to have some fun. Your company’s product data should be a direct reflection of the parts you manufacture.  If customers can’t find your products online, let’s face it, they can’t buy them. Better sales begins with better data.   At PdM we do nothing but eat, drink and sleep data technology and strive to help customers perfect their data and improve sales.   Not only do we specialize in helping companies achieve ACES and PIES data formatting (the industry standard data formats), we provide our customers with the tools needed to create, supplement and fine tune data management so that it can be distributed in formats applicable to all industry trading partners.  We put you in the driver’s seat of your own data.

We do this by providing you with a platform to generate product data easier, faster and in high-quality.   Your PdM account is backed with algorithms that tailor the user interface to your products, making the generation of first-class product data more efficient and providing instant feedback throughout the process.  Your PdM account allows you to generate and audit data yourself and is validated against the Auto Care Association’s ACES and PIES structure.  PdM provides live verification and real-time scorecards from key receivers.  You will see automated suggestions to ensure products are accurately represented and are always up to date.  We send your high quality data within minutes – not weeks to your receivers, which is critical for improving sales with a competitive edge.  At PdM we believe great products deserve great data.  To sign up for a free 14-day trial click here.

About PdM Automotive

PdM Automotive was founded on the principle that creating, distributing and consuming high quality automotive product data should be easy, transparent and improve sales. PdM exists to create experiences where brands feel empowered to take charge of their own data, resellers seamlessly have access to all product information in real-time, and service providers can add their own special contributions to the process. PdM does this this by engaging with like-minded organizations, listening, and utilizing the latest technologies to create an intuitive platform for the flow of high-quality automotive product data between all trading partners.  #finallygreatdata #pdmautomotive #paramountdatamanagement #datamatters

For the most up to date information regarding ACES and PIES standards please visit or click the links below:

ACES – the Auto Care Association Catalog Enhanced Standard – for information click here

PIES – the Product Information Exchange Standard click here – for more information click here

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