Reseller, access free product data from hundreds of brands.
Resellers, get free access to product data from hundreds of brands.

Hellwig Suspension & PDM – a success story


After painstakingly managing ACES & PIES product data via spreadsheets for years, Hellwig decided to utilize PDM’s data platform to manage their product data.  By utilizing PDM’s platform they could drive product data to their website and all their sales channels quickly, easily and seamlessly. Mark Hallmark, Hellwig’s Marketing and International Sales Manager recently stated, “we like the ease of use and transparency the PDM offers. The value and functionality are perfect for our situation and needs.  We utilize PDM as our complete single source of product data management.”  PDM helped Hellwig achieve SEMA’s SDC platinum level within a short period of time and now maintains best-in-class product data.  Hallmark added, “In addition to a significant reduction in workload, our sales went up and our product return rate has been reduced dramatically.

Hellwig Suspension Components

Hellwig Products Co Inc. is a fourth-generation family owned company based in Visalia, California. Hellwig is a world class manufacturer of suspension components including sway bars, steel helper springs and air spring kits which provides a more comfortable and controlled driving experience. Hellwig’s products are proudly made in America from American steel.

The relevance of product data

Hellwig has been maintaining and providing ACES and PIES product data for several years on their own which is an exhausting task to keep its data up to date. A recent relaunch of their website which is driven with ACES and PIES product data brought up the demand for an easier handling of their product data. Product returns due to sluggish data updates was also a major reason for an easier way to manage data.

Previous Pain Points in Data Management

Data management had to be done by filling out spreadsheets with no support in the data generation. Therefore, it was unclear what data points were relevant and also what information is actually correct. Handling data this way seemed to be an endless endeavor.

The Decision for PDM

Hellwig’s marketing agency KahnMedia recommended PDM to Hellwig as a solution to maintain their product data as all current pain points are easily eliminated.

PDM Support in Data Generation

After loading Hellwig’s current product data into their PDM account it was instantly obvious what data points were incorrect or missing. With PDM’s DIFM support Hellwig was brought to SDC Platinum Level within a short period of time. With PDM’s validations for multiple other receivers such as SUMMIT Racing, eBay and many more, Hellwig can now easily continue the improvement of their data.

Increased Sales and Reduced Returns

In addition to a significant reduction of workload, thus enabling the Hellwig team to focus on selling their high-quality products, the return rate has been reduced dramatically. In addition to an increase in sales the project is considered to a huge success.

One place to feed all channels

Besides the ability to feed their Website, Hellwig has now one place to maintain its data and feed it to all their channels including SDC, DCI, Atech, Motorstate and other resellers.

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