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Brew Talks: Sean Holman and Aaron Kaufman, Two Dudes Talking Cars

Sean Holman, MotorTrend Group, and Aaron Kaufman from Arclight Fabrication Co. talk Ford vs. Ram and what it means for competition. Sean was able to test the new Ram TRX and loved the 702hp and suspension upgrades, this is the ultimate off-road truck so how can Ford compete with the Raptor? Homan said, “[This truck is] Superlinear, torque everywhere, but it didn’t feel obnoxious, it’s super quiet on the highway, almost too quiet. I am excited to see what the aftermarket does with this thing” Aaron, who loves the Ford Raptor, “I bleed blue, I’m a ford guy. I love the history, the lineage, everything they’ve been involved with, I am a fan. But I will tell you this, man, I’m sad the new Ram TRX may put the Ford Raptor in its grave.”

Sean and Aaron continue to go the off-road route and discuss the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco. “I had a chance to work with Ford on the Bronco to help consult for several years leading up to it and I like to think myself and others helped steer that product in the right direction.” Sean Holman exclaimed. Although there is more competition now, Holman doesn’t think the Bronco will kill the jeep because they have different capabilities. “I’ve liked what I’ve seen in the pre-production stuff [but I’m] going to reserve my opinion until I’ve been in one,” said Aaron. Aaron brings up the point that there is no V8 option and doesn’t feel like Ford thought it was important for them to grace consumers with a larger go-fast engine. If you know anything about Aaron, he loves to go fast. There are some rumors that maybe the Jeep will bring a V8 6.4L to the market which in turn might pique the interest of consumers. What do you think?

Vehicle Technologies and Business Opportunities: What’s Now, What’s New and What’s Next

John Waraniak hosted a discussion on where we’ve been and where we’re going in the automotive world. John opens up by saying “let’s look backward so we can look forward” SEMA roots begin in 1963 under Dodgers Stadium and the growth has been exponential. Mouse McCoy, CEO/Founder HackRod and Hollywood director, played a video about the growth of customization of vehicles with a quote that really stood out,  “Never enough for the average teenage gearhead to be fastest, but to be the coolest.”

Carla Bailo, President/CEO Center of Automotive Research added to the presentation on topics of smart cities and electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have now surpassed diesel in Europe. Although this is happening in Europe, the U.S. is still only at 4.6% electric vehicle sales but luckily this number is growing. Pickup trucks, in general, have lost sales because of the EV growth and this was especially apparent in the Toyota Tacoma.

The COVID-19 crisis has had a huge impact on the way we live and the technologies of the future. So what’s in store for post-pandemic? Carla would like to see the growth of smart, eco-friendly cities. Right now, 85% of the time someone is driving, they are the only person in the car, and 95% of the time, their car is sitting in the driveway. Even though this is the case, car sales are still growing and more cars are hitting the road thus causing more congestion. The current solution? Build more roads. This solution seems to only cause a problem in the future. We need to find a way to utilize transportation more effectively. We can start, and have started, by implementing new livable, workable, and sustainable smart cities where everyone can have eco-friendly transportation.

Mouse McCoy, CEO/Founder of HackRod Studio and Hollywood director joined the conversation on the future of a progressive electric world by saying we’re heading into fifth gear which is considered the “fifth industrial revolution focused on the co-operation between man and machine.” Electric is the future but there are some problems involved and a huge problem, in McCoy’s eyes, is upcycling. “Electrification is great but the way everybody is going about it is building these massive carbon disaster factories,” McCoy said. He goes on to say that the shipping of material all over the world is causing a huge impact. “Gas is becoming such a dirty word. So what if we can take connected overall systems, intelligent engineering, and upcycle our supply of power sources, wheels, tires, motors, frame rails? You start to look at what can be created with advanced manufacturing.”

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Rohana Wheels Shows Off It’s 2016 Lamborghini Huracan

What a sight for sore eyes! Liberty walk built Lamborghini Huracan will no doubt turn heads as it rips through the street. From the low profile body kit, that massive spoiler, and the roar of the exhaust this Italian engineered exotic car has it all. But wait, Rohana Wheels puts the icing on the cake with its orange RFG13 Trinity wheel. An exotic wheel like this is only fitting for this ride

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