2020 Custom Automotive Network (CAN) Virtual Conference

Thank you Custom Automotive Network for facilitating an awesome virtual conference and to all of the members that took the time to connect with the PDM team to learn how product data technology is evolving to a whole new level in the automotive industry.  The collaboration and communication between brands and resellers has never been so efficient and easy with the power of PDM’s data technology. The CAN Conference was a great opportunity for members to reconnect and discuss how we can grow together with improved product data management.

Whether you are a supplier or a reseller you will benefit from PDM’s product data technology platform.  Suppliers can take control of their own product data management with a single source of truth to all sales channels and Resellers can manage all brand data in one location adding their own special enhancements to their valued partner’s data. Your product data is your DNA and it is a direct reflection of your brand.  If we missed you at the event and you would like to learn more please contact us at info@pdm-automotive to schedule a discovery call.

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2020 Custom Automotive Network (CAN) Person of the Year – Vote Today (closes Oct 19th)


PDM Founder, Johannes Crepon recognized as a finalist for Custom Automotive Network 2020 Person of the Year.  Each year the Custom Automotive Network recognizes an individual for their contribution for the benefit of the automotive aftermarket distribution system. This award honors their conscientious dedication and leadership to this industry in areas beyond their normal job duties during the previous 12 months.

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About Johannes Crepon, Founder & CEO:

Johannes has dedicated much of his career to the advancement of product data communication and collaboration to the automotive industry.  Johannes launched his first successful company in Germany, Velocity Automotive, at the age of 17, a company that sells American muscle parts to automotive enthusiasts in Europe.  Realizing a need for good data to help improve sales, Johannes began developing a data platform to process, support, and manage individual manufacturer data for his eCommerce business and sales channels.  Much of the manufacturer data received was not in a uniform format, missing applications, duplicates, missing marketing assets, etc. which is what drove Johannes to use modern technologies to create an industry platform to generate, maintain and distribute product data to fuel eCommerce. Johannes pulled together an outstanding team to focus on algorithms and an intuitive user interface to empower brands to reach the highest quality possible for their product data. His vision is to drive a new era of seamless and effortless data technology connections between business partners in the automotive industry. 

Johannes has always been technology-driven and is a true innovator in automotive e-commerce and data. Johannes believes that streamlined, transparent data are key to successful sales in the automotive industry. He is supportive of industry standards like ACES & PIES and TecDoc to help improve business collaboration and better relationships between industry partners.    

Johannes received his Bachelors and Masters degrees while building Velocity Automotive. He is bilingual in Deutsch and English and received a best in class award at M.Sc. Innovations & Technology Management.  

Founding four successful businesses including Velocity Automotive and PDM Automotive. Both have become essential and successful businesses in the industry. Employing over 50 people in Germany and the United States. Proud to have become a trusted business part with many manufacturers, brands, wds, ecommerce, various receivers and agency partners. 

Industry Accomplishments:

Founder Velocity Automotive – now multi-million-dollar company. 

Founder PDM Automotive – a trusted data solution in the industry. 

Founder Crepon Holding 

2019-2020 ACPN ACES & PIES Excellence Award Judging partner 

2020 SEMA Launch Pad Top 10 Finalist

2020 SEMA 35 Under 35

2020 CAN Person of the Year Finalist

2017 SEMA Data symposium participant

Read what some CAN industry members have to say about their experience with PDM:

“We can drive our product data to all of our sales channels quickly, easily and seamlessly.” Mike Hallmark, Marketing & International Sales Manager

“PDM is the most well thought-out content management system I have ever used. I have used high-end content management solutions for nearly 10yrs: PDM is the first content migration that was smooth and timely. The UI, Dashboard and Reporting is top of class.”

Krista Lamb, Director, Products and Customer Experience

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Custom Automotive Network 

About CAN

Founded in 1970 and formerly known as Performance Warehouse Association (PWA), Custom Automotive Network’s mission is to assist the automotive industry in efforts to expand, maintain and promote the profitable distribution of custom automotive products through the entire supply channel from manufacturer, distributor, retailer and to the consumer.

CAN is a nonprofit membership association. Joined together to deal with management, financial and legislative matters affecting their businesses. Members include distributors, resellers, manufacturers, sales representatives, retailers, service providers and media.

CAN “members enjoy many benefits including networking opportunities, attending CAN Connect conference and the latest industry news.”

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