As part of our continued growth, we’re excited to welcome some new members to the PDM team. Meet the newest team members below!

Mariela Dominguez has joined PDM from Argentina as an Executive Assistant. In previous roles, she was an English translator with extensive experience as an EA. She has worked in worldwide recognized companies supporting different managers, directors, executives, and teams. Mariela is also passionate about different languages, meeting new people, cultures, and learnings!

Mariela Dominguez
Mariela Dominguez

“The automotive industry is a whole new world, and I’m excited to discover it!” She added.

Next up is Angelica Borges, PDM’s new Product Owner! Angelica is a Venezuelan living in Santiago de Chile. She has extensive experience managing requirements in Software Development teams under Scrum methodology. Her previous broad range of experience includes being an Industrial Engineer as well as an IT Risk Consultant. While she is new to the automotive industry she’s excited to be here and make PDM the best it can be.

Angelica Borges
Angelica Borges

From Angelica, “I’m pleased to be part of the PDM team. These weeks have been great with a lot of learnings, and looking forward to contributing to improvements and new feature ideas!”

PDM Automotive has added Dimitrios Koumoundouros to build out the Customer Success team. Dimitrios has extensive experience in SaaS Sales and Success where he recently worked as an Enterprise Consultant for another Seattle-based rocket ship. His experience building out process and ensuring a happy customer experience taught him that data transparency is required to work collaboratively and he will strive to provide nothing less. He is excited to begin his new journey into the automotive industry and help drive a new path to data transparency.

Dimitrios Koumoundouros
Dimitrios Koumoundouros

Dimitrios added “I can’t begin to express how excited I am to these giants here at PDM. The problems we are solving are far bigger than me and I am so humbled to get a chance to work with such innovative people.”

Next is Jason Snare, our newest Software Engineer. Jason recently graduated from Willamette University with a BS in Computer Science and minors in Mathematics, Data Science, and Economics. Through his academic pursuits and previous internships, Jason has gained valuable experience in the fields of software development, machine learning, and data analysis. He is also new to the automotive industry but is eager to help grow PDM as he gains experience and helps drive the industry forward.

Jason Snare

“I feel extremely fortunate to be joining such a great company in PDM as my first job out of college. I am excited for both the opportunities to learn and grow from more experienced engineers, as well as the opportunity to use my previous experience and knowledge to help make PDM’s products even better.”

Last but not least is Evelien Tewes! Evelien, who lives in the Netherlands, realized an interest in computer science and programming after earning her degree in Applied Psychology. Since this realization, she’s spent time as a Ruby on Rails developer, making meaningful contributions to a variety of web apps. She especially loves the challenge of translating real-world requirements into well-reasoned, maintainable code and making PDM the best it can be.

Evelien Tewes

“I’m super excited to be part of PDM’s backend development team and use my practical experience to further improve the product.” She added.

We are excited for all of our new team members and how they will help PDM and the automotive industry get even better.