The Auto Care ACPN Content Excellence Awards are just around the corner! At the ACPN conference – knowledge exchange that takes place on May 2nd – 5th, 2021, the ACPN Content Excellence Awards will recognize the best examples of electronic content and cataloging in the vehicle aftermarket. Each year, winners are chosen from dozens of entries and are recognized at the Annual ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference, based on pre-defined criteria. The awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Web-Based Catalogs
  • ACES and PIES Data
  • CCPN Installer’s Choice
  • Receiver’s Choice

PDM Automotive prides itself on making sure your data is at its utmost quality. We are here to help you make sure your data is fit to achieve this award.  If you would like to use PDM Automotive to help tighten up your data to prepare for this award, please contact us at  Wit PDM’s validation tools you can verify all ACES and PIES categories which include:

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met 100% for both submitted ACES and PIES files to be considered for judging. For example, if one criterion is not met in one of the files, the whole submission fails, and will not be considered for further judging.
1. Each submission will be one ACES XML file (and its matching PIES XML file) containing a single brand.
2. Both ACES and PIES files must be a file produced for a trading partner
3. Both ACES and PIES files must pass XSD validations
4. The submitted ACES file must be versions 3.2 or newer
5. The submitted PIES file must be versions 6.7 or newer
6. Both ACES and PIES files must utilize July 2020 or newer published database versions (VCdb, Qdb, PCdb, PAdb)
7. The submitted ACES file must use Qdb qualifiers partially or fully

Judging Criteria:

If both the ACES and PIES files pass the “Eligibility Criteria” listed above, the files will then be judged on the following judging criteria for award consideration.
• 25% – ACES – Overlap free
• 15% – ACES – Valid VCdb Coded Configurations
• 10% – ACES – Qdb Level of Usage (Qdb ID Count vs Fitment Note Count)
• 5% – ACES – Applications are duplicate free
• 15% – ACES and PIES – All part numbers in the ACES file are present in the PIES file
• 10% – PIES – All part numbers have Digital Asset and Market Copy segment content
• 10% – PIES – All part numbers have Attribute segment content (PAdb and/or User Defined)
• 10% – PIES – All part numbers have Package segment content

Contact us today to learn how PDM can assist you in having the utmost quality catalog and enter the ACPN Data Excellence awards.  Because #datamatters

Registration for the ACPN Conference – Knowledge Exchange will be open early 2021

More information on the ACPN Content Excellence Awards can be found here

Judging criteria for the ACPN Content Excellence Awards can be found here

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The deadline to enter data is January 25th, 2021. Don’t delay, validate your data today!