We’re excited to announce Suhel Radovan is joining PDM as a Data Analyst. He has been working with data and technologies for a few years and believes the automotive industry is an exciting field to join. His main focus is on QA Testing and Data Management but enjoys learning about all parts of the IT world. He’s excited to be part of the team and contribute to the development of PDM. While he is new to the automotive industry, he can’t wait to hit the ground running and ensure PDM drives the industry forward.

“I’m excited to be part of the PDM Automotive team and to be able to contribute to the development and growth of the company.” Suhel added. He is also an enthusiastic musician and loves composing in his free time, as well as cooking and creating delicious recipes.

Welcome Suhel! We are lucky to have you on the PDM Automotive team.

For more information about PDM please contact us at info@pdm-automotive.com.