Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to start at 0 when using PDM?

No! If you already have ACES and PIES XML files we can import those and validate them to provide suggestions on how to improve your data (So far we have always found something to improve!). We can also import data via Excel if you don’t have it ACES and PIES compliant. Data can get loaded within 24 hours for you to start sending out ACES and PIES data and can then continuously get improved.

What is the difference between PDM and Other Service Providers?

Our platform with its integrated data management tool allows you to create, maintain and distribute high-quality product data. You have full access to your product data and can make sure the data quality meets your and your receivers‘ demands. PDM provides you the most advanced technology, most integrations, and fastest growing reseller network.

Do you support light and heavy-duty vehicles?

Yes, all light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and powersport applications are always included in your account.

Can I export XLSX files?

Yes, you can export Excel files anytime. This feature can also be used to mass edit product data by changing data in bulk and reimporting. If your customer can’t process XML – no problem, simply send an Excel file.

Can you generate data for me?

Yes, we offer the service to create product data for you. PDM provides all the technology you need to easily generate the highest quality product data possible. Our customer success team is always there for you to support.

Do you support SDC Platinum quality rating?

One of the validations in your PDM account is also for SDC Platinum. Most receivers have additional requirements so with a PDM account you comply with SDC requirements and also WDs and marketplaces. (We have no affiliation with SDC)

How much do I have to pay for the PDM tool?

The price for your PDM account is based on SKU count. We offer a free starter account and additional features based on the level you desire. Learn more on our pricing page.

Can I export ACES and PIES XML files?

Yes, you can export ACES and PIES XML files anytime and have them pushed to all your receivers automatically. PDM covers your data generation, maintenance, and distribution.

What ACES and PIES versions do you support?

We support always the latest ACES and PIES versions. We also export into older versions to comply with some receiver’s requirements.