PDM proudly supports the 2021 Virtual ACPN Knowledge Exchange, the largest gathering of content professionals, vendors, and solution providers.  This annual event is another great example of Auto Care‘s commitment to the importance of content product data management.  PDM is a proud sponsor and participant of the 2021 ACPN Knowledge Exchange.  ACPN Chairman, Eric Lough, announces the Auto Care ACPN Conference will be going virtual May 17 – 19, 2021, “although another virtual event is not what we hoped for, there is amazing content already lined up for this year’s event.” This is an opportunity for participants to learn about the latest technologies and techniques in content management to sell more products, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.  As mentioned in the announcement video, Eric asks for us all to be committed to staying connected during these times where virtual interaction seems to be the new normal.

“We [ACPN committee] kindly asks for your commitment to a connect aftermarket – a conscious effort to stay connected with our community. After all, we ARE a connected aftermarket. We’ve fought hard for advocacy to stay connected to vehicles and their information through references like the Right to Repair. We’re taking massive strides in connecting customers to accurate, robust, and real-time content” #connectedaftermarket

The Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN), a community of the Auto Care Association, is a professional network with 380+ individual members employed in the automotive industry. It is the only community devoted exclusively to the education and professional development needs of the automotive content management professional.  ACPN serves as the leader in content management and related activities; promotes industry technology standards; and provides a forum for discussing and promoting best practices within the automotive industry all of which will culminate in their annual Knowledge Exchange conference.

Although ACPN is going virtual again this year, there are some amazing speakers including our Founder, Johannes Crepon. Make sure to tune in on Monday, May 17th at 3:00PM EST to learn about Headless Data Strategy

ACPN provides networking, education and leadership opportunities for content management professionals in the automotive industry. By registering and attending the annual ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference, you instantly become a member of the ACPN professional network for the year in which you attend the conference. ACPN proudly supports industry standards such as ACES & PIES for improved communication between trading partners in the automotive industry.

More info on the ACPN Knowledge Conference here

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